Since 1970, George Gruhn has written hundreds of articles for guitar publications such as Guitar Player, Frets, and Vintage Guitar. You'll find many of those here -- including his legendary "Rare Bird" columns -- and we're always adding more.

Note: These articles are presented as historical documents. They have not been updated to reflect changes that may have occurred in the vintage guitar market since their original publication.

Acoustic Guitars

Types of Steel-Strings, Part I
Types of Steel-Strings, Part II
Steel-String Guitar Evolution, 1930-1940
Gibson Mystery Resophonic
Jumbo Steel-Strings of the Folk Boom
Martin Carved Top Guitars of the Early '30s
Martin's Foden Special
Martin's Transitional OM-28
Maurer, Prairie State and the Larson Brothers

Electric Guitars

Gibson Doublenecks
The Byrdland: A Landmark Gibson
Full-Depth ES-335
1960 Gibson EB-0 Bass
Gibson's Firebird Line: A '60s Era Radical
Gretsch White Falcon
Legendary Solidbody Guitars
1959 Martin D-28E Electric
National's Map-Shaped Electrics
Rickenbacker Electro Spanish Guitar

Archtop Acoustic Guitars

D'Angelico Guitars
D'Aquisto 7- and 12-String Guitars
Gibson's L-5

Classical Guitars

Ramirez & Classical Guitar Evolution


Bacon & Day Silver Bell Banjo
The Gibson GB-5 Guitar Banjo


The Epiphone Strand Mandolin
Mando-family Instruments
The Heyday of the Mandolin
Pre-War A Style Mandolins
Overview of Mandolins
Orville's Last Mandolin

Collecting Vintage Instruments

Collecting Vintage Musical Instruments
Collectible Guitars, Part 1
Collectible Guitars, Part 2
Collectible Guitars, Part 3
How to Spot a Forgery
The Search for the Holy Grail
The Unique World of George Gruhn
What is a Collector's Guitar? Part I
What is a Collector's Guitar? Part II
A Bull Market in Nashville

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