A Piece of History

The Martin 00-18 25th Anniversary Model

Since 1970, Gruhn Guitars has specialized in the finest fretted instruments available anywhere. To commemorate our Silver Anniversary, we commissioned the C. F. Martin Custom Shop to build a special guitar. The result is the 25th Anniversary 00-18. (Yeah, yeah, technically 1996 is our 26th anniversary, but we wanted to commemorate a full 25 years in business!)

This 00-18 is different from other Martin limited editions. Many are exquisite showpieces laden with pearl that sometimes stay in a case under a bed. The beauty of our custom guitar is that it is basic -- mahogany back and sides, spruce top, rosewood fingerboard, and the only inlay is the fret markers. This limited edition will be pulled out time and again for its outstanding playability and strong, clear sound.

But it is also collectible -- the 00-18 has not been produced in any quantity in 15 years, and the 00 series is Martin's smallest current production model. Also, there will be only 25, each with a "25th Anniversary" neck block stamp and label signed by C.F. Martin IV and George Gruhn.

Of course, there's only one place you can get this rare bird -- Gruhn Guitars. Don't miss this rare opportunity to own a Custom Shop 00-18 that is a piece of Martin history and Gruhn Guitars history. $2300 with hard shell case.

This instrument is SOLD

Vintage 1970 Features:

> old style rosette

> 1970 neck profile

> old style Martin decal

> old style position markers

> traditional dark stained mahogany body and neck

> reproduction open-back tuners

> beveled black pickguard

Plus two 1980s evolutions:

> pickguard on top of finish

> adjustable truss rod