1962 Gibson ES-345 lefty

Gibson's ES-345 appeared in 1959, following closely on the heels of Gibson's original semi-hollowbody model, the ES-335, and the fancier ES-355. The 345's double-parallelogram fingerboard inlaytook the middle position in ornamentation between the 335's dots and the 355's pearl blocks. Like the ES-355 of 1959, the 345 was outfitted with stereo electronics and a Varitone tone selector.

Gibson's hollowbody trio sold in reverse proportion to price, so the ES-345's are not as plentiful as 335s. This example from 1962 is especially rare because it is left-handed - complete with a lefty Bigsby vibrola.

This instrument (inv. #EH5906) is in exceptionally fine condition. The Bigsby, stereo/Varitone wiring and the Patent-Applied-For humbucking pickups are all original. With hard case, it is offered at $15,000.

This instrument is SOLD

For further appreciation...

Close of body




Back of headstock

Back of neck

Back of body

Full back view