1940 Gibson Super 400

Gibson took archtop guitar design "over the top" in 1934 with the 18"-wide Super 400. Five years later, with other guitarmakers introducing their own large-body archtops, Gibson again distanced itself from the competition by offering a natural finish and a cutaway version of the Super 400.

Initially called the Super 400 Premier or Super 400P, the cutaway version delivered all the sonic power and aesthetic punch of the original, with the added feature of greater access to the higher register.

This example from 1940 also sports Gibson's next advance - the floating, pickguard-mounted double-pickup system designed by Gibson's legendary general manager of the 1950s, Ted McCarty.

This Super 400 from 1940 (inv. #AR3685) is in excellent condition, with an expert old professional refinish. With genuine leather-covered original hard case, it is offered at $12,500.

This instrument is SOLD

For further appreciation...

Close of body



Back of headstock

Back of neck

Neck heel

Full back view

Back of body