Roy Acuff's Martin ukulele

This late-1960s Martin Style 3 ukulele may well have been Roy Acuff's most-used instrument in the 1970s. Although Acuff started his career as a fiddler, he began using the fiddle strictly as a stage prop after he hired such accomplished fiddlers as Charlie Collins and Howdy Forrester. By the 1970s, he often brought a ukulele onstage, which he actually played. This uke was also well-used offstage, too, as Acuff used it as a support for signing autographs. The back of hte instrument shows numerous impressions of his signature in the back.

In the 1980s Acuff gave this uke to Dan Kelly, the fiddler in Acuff's Smoky Mountain Boys. Except for the impressions, this ukulele (inv. #UK0974) is in exceptionally fine condition. With soft case and a letter from Kelly, it is offered at $3500.

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Back of body
Signatures on back