Roy Acuff's English violin

Early in his career, Roy Acuff - aka The King of Country Music - stopped playing fiddle onstage, but he never lost his appreciation for a good violin. In the 1970s he traveled to New York with bandmembers Charlie Collins and Oswald Kirby to try out this English violin, made circa 1810, probably by Panormo. The top appears to be from a slightly later period. It has beautifully figured maple back and sides and a sound to match its beauty. Acuff bought it, paying more for it than for any other instrument in his extensive collection.

Although Acuff continued to use fiddles primarily as stage props, he put this instrument in the hands of legendary fiddler Howdy Forrester, one of his Smoky Mountain Boys. Forrester used it until his death in 1987, and then it was played by Dan Kelly in Acuff's band until Acuff's death in 1992.

This instruments (inv. #VF2495) is in excellent condition. With a hard case and a letter from Charlie Collins, it is now offered at $25,000.

For further enjoyment....

Close of body
Back of peghead
Letter from Charlie Collins (with photos of Collins)
Photo of Dan Kelly and band
Back of neck
Another photo of Kelly and band
Back view
Back of body