1904 Martin 1-45

As early as 1858, Martin offered standard models with abalone trim around the top borders (Style 42). In 1902, the company tried some special guitars with the abalone trim around the back as well as the top borders, and two years later the experiment became a new standardized style - Style 45.

This 1-45 (size 1 with Style 45 trim) is from that first official year of Style 45 guitars. In light of its historical importance, it seems appropriate that this guitar is from the collection of the late Mike Longworth. Longworth's connection Style 45 Martins extends beyond his longtime role as company historian and author of the first book on Martin's history. The former Tennessee-based repairman was hired by Martin to perform the inlay work when Martin revived the D-45 in 1968.

Among the features of this earliest version of Style 45 are an ivory bridge, inlaid tuner buttons and an unbound peghead with ultra deluxe inlay.

This instrument (inv. #AB7087) is in VG condition, with several repaired top and side cracks. With a hardshell case it is offered at $25,000.

This instrument is SOLD

For further appreciation...

Close of body
Soundhole area
Tuner button
Back of headstock
Back of neck
Back view
Back of body