1969 Martin D-41

Martin historian Mike Longworth was hired for his pearl inlay expertise when Martin decided to revive the D-45 in 1968, and a year later Longworth suggested a new pearl-trimmed model that would become the most successful of all the pearly Martins of the period - the D-41. It featured an abalone top border, like the D-45, but with no pearl around the fingerboard and no inlay at the first fret, making the D-41 much more affordable than the D-45 while sacrificing little of the D-45's aesthetic appeal.

The D-41 debuted in 1969, just before Brazil stopped exporting rosewood logs, prompting Martin to switch from Brazilian rosewood to Indian. Today, Brazilian rosewood is protected under the CITES treaty, and rosewood Martins made before the embargo are increasingly sought by collectors as well as players.

This D-41 (inv. #AA7105) not only dates from that historic first model year, it is one of a very few that were made with Brazilian rosewood. It is in exceptionally fine condition and has a superb sound. With hard case it is offered at $27,500.

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