1957 Gretsch White Penguin

While Fender and Gibson get most of the glory for bold new guitar designs of the 1950s, Gretsch gets the award for introducing a full array of colors to the black-and-white world (blond and sunburst, actually) of the guitar. The hollowbody line featured the flashy amber red of the Chet Atkins (6120), the rich Cadillac geen of the Country Club and the elegant white-and-gold look of the White Falcon.

The solidbody line, like the hollowbodies, was highlighted by the Falcon's companion, the White Penguin. Offered in single-cutaway only from 1955-62, the Penguin is an exceedlingly rare bird and is the most coveted of all Gretsches among collectors.

This guitar (inv. #EG3019) is in excellent condition and features early Filter'Tron pickups from the period before they were stamped "patent applied for." The tuners are vintage replicas. With original hard case it is offered at $80,000

This instrument is SOLD

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Close of body



Back of headstock

Back of neck

Back view

Back of body