S.S. Stewart Custom Presentation

S.S. Stewart began making banjos in Philadelphia in 1878, as the "minstrel" five-string banjo was evolving into a mainstream instrument. By 1890, Stewart was the biggest banjo maker and the five-string had worked its way into the hands of classically trained musicians.

This custom Stewart model from circa 1890 has such "presentation" features as elaborate carving on the neck heel and back of peghead, ultra deluxe fingerboard inlays, elaborate engraving on the metal-clad wood rim, ornate wood marquetry on the wooden interior surface of the rim, a carved dowel stick, gold plated bracket shoes, hooks, and nuts, and tuners and tailpiece of carved ivory. This rare instrument (inv. #JA5556) is in exceptionally fine condition. With a modern hard case it is offered at $14,950

For further appreciation...

Bass-side rim
Treble-side rim
Fifth-string tuner
Back of headstock
Back of neck
Back view
Back of body
Neck heel
Brand plate
Dowel stick