1969 Gibson Super 400CN

Since its introduction in 1934, the carved-top Super 400 has been Gibson's top of the line model, as well as the quintessential jazz guitar. The popularity of the Super 400 has led to many variations over the years -- cutaway (Florentine and Venetian), non-cutaway, electric (with several pickup configurations), as well as the original acoustic -- but it has remained the instrument of choice for guitarists requiring projection and a full-bodied tone.

First built for orchestral guitarists needing to cut through the big band sound of the '30s, the Super 400 has proven itself in a number of musical styles. Seminal guitarists Hank Thompson, Joe Maphis and Scotty Moore created their groundbreaking country and early rock & roll sounds with Super 400s, but the guitar is still primarily recognized as a jazz instrument.

The Super 400's 18" body was the widest of any model at the time, and Gibson's competitors quickly presented their own wide-body models -- notably the D'Angelico New Yorker and Epiphone Emperor. The Super 400's size and shape helped it stand out amidst horns and rhythm sections, and many jazzmen adopted the Super 400 over the previously preferred L-5.

Legends like Carl Kress and Kenny Burrell played the "Super 4," and its jazz heritage continues now with modern masters like George Benson and Pat Metheny. Gibson produces only small numbers of Super 400s today, so those seeking this essential sound generally look for vintage instruments.

This 1969 Super 400CN is nearly spotless. In '69, Gibson manufactured only 22 with a natural finish, which is actually quite a few compared to the three naturals made in 1968 and two in 1970. Like other Super 400s, this guitar has tremendous volume and its slender neck is easy to play. The CN model also features the ingenious McCarty pickup (named for Ted McCarty, a longtime Gibson employee who ultimately became the company's president), with the pickup, volume and tone - and output jack built directly into the pickguard.

This guitar is cosmetically beautiful and a wonderful player -- it is a shining example of Gibson's highest quality instrument.

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