The Gruhn electric guitar

My Gruhn guitar is probably the most finely crafted electric guitar I've ever purchased. The intonation, tone and playability are second to none, and it's beautiful, too! --Kerry Marks, Grand Ole Opry staff guitarist

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Kerry Marks

Billy Gibbons

Rick Nielsen

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The Gruhn electric guitar draws on all of George Gruhn's 45-plus years of experience with vintage and new guitars, and it is the end-product of Gruhn electric guitar designs that began in 1985 with the Guild Nightbird.

Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top were the first artists to order a Gruhn Model. Billy G. has been using his single-pickup model in the studio, and he had this to say about it: "YES...! The Gruhn guitar is serving us well as we continue a foray into the recording room... That particular instrument has a powerful response, especially potent in the upper register, a bonus for solo work, indeed. Thank you for creating another valuable great guitar design."

The new Gruhn model offers unique structural and tonal qualities. "Guitarists are not in need of another clone of a Telecaster, Stratocater, Les Paul, ES-335 or ES-175," George explains. "My goal was to produce a guitar equal in quality to any of the finest vintage classics, but with greater clarity and a near-acoustic tonal character that can be turned up to full concert volume without distortion or feedback."

The key design features of the Gruhn model are a carved spruce top and a routed, semi-hollow walnut back. "The concept originated with the Nightbird, which was the first commercially available electric guitar with a solid-wood carved top and a routed semi-hollow back," George says. "The new Gruhn design has the benefit of many more years of experience as well as being made within two miles of Gruhn Guitars at Southbound Guitars, where we can monitor and supervise all phases of construction.

"These guitars have a unique voice while offering the ultimate in versatility," he adds. "They can do virtually anything attainable with either a solidbody or hollowbody electric guitar and are fully as controllable as a solidbody instrument at high volume."

Standard specs include: walnut neck, ebony tailpiece and pickguard, ebony fingerboard with pearl and abalone inlays, ivoroid bindings and Tone-Pro bridge.

The following options are available:

- TV Jones or Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups
- Neck dimensions similar to a 1959 Les Paul Standard or a 1960 Standard
- Traditional f-holes or German-style "gamba" holes
- Choice of finish colors

Price with custom Cedar Creek case: $3500. Please call 615 256-2033 to place an order.

These are currently in stock:

EX1129 Gruhn electric, spruce top, TV pickups, gamba-style soundholes, low profile neck, Cremona brown sunburst finish

EX1130 Gruhn electric, spruce top, Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups, F-style soundholes, low-profile neck, amberburst finish