Summit Mandolins

When Gibson moved its mandolin production to Nashville in 1998, Paul Schneider of Hartsville, Tennessee, was the man chosen to build the instruments that would revive Gibson's reputation.

After meeting that challenge, Schneider began applying his master craftsmanship to his own brand of instruments. By every measure of quality -- sound, playability, appearance, construction -- his Summit mandolins are superb handmade instruments.

Gruhn Guitars is currently offering these fine Summit mandolins:

MF6963 Summit F-100S, new, beautifully figured curly maple, sunburst finish, a fine handmade instrument, HC......$2950

MF6992 Summit A-100-N, 1994, EXC, natural finish, OHC......$1425

MF7168 Summit F-100-SA, new, radiused fingerboard, attractive neck, back, and sides, HC......$3100