If you are searching for a particular instrument, let us help you through our Want File. We will do our best to notify you when we have something that matches your request. There is no cost or obligation.

You can email us with your request or you can fill out the form below, print it out and fax or mail it to us. Be sure to include complete information on how to contact you including your email address and phone number. Be as specific as possible. A request for "a good Gibson solidbody guitar," for example, is too general. An "excellent condition Les Paul Standard, late '50s, sunburst finish" is the type of request that we can put on file.

Please note that we do not normally stock most foreign-made instruments (except classical guitars or violins) or instruments in poor, below average or non-playing condition. Any instrument that we notify you about will be in good repair and in playing condition. If you are interested in an instrument appraisal, Please visit our Appraisal Site.

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